Status: Alive, Greyhawk


Vexen is a villain of the past that has given up his horrible ways, as well as all exposure to anything but the mundane. He first entered the picture as a hunter of the Pendant of Aateris, and attacked the unknowing owner. When he put on this terrible necklace, however, it turned half of his body into a grotesque, misshapen, vile form of what it once was, and fused with his body.

It controlled a large portion of his mind as well, and no matter how he fought it, it forced him to do its chaotic bidding. This led to an encounter with the Heroes at one of the biannual Tournaments, at Greyhawk. The heroes fought Vexen, but would have been no match for it if Jonathan Grey hadn’t stepped in a created a banishing circle. Falium pushed Vexen into the circle, and Vexen was teleported far away.

He later was curiously discovered at the Arena in Korea by Soren, who paid the Arena’s owner for his freedom. The Pendant was gone, and the half of his previously possessed body was, while not showing the past signs of muscular mutation, was blackened and disabled. He was brought back to Japan, the closest place the Heroes could get service, and Restored his body in a benevolent gesture. He was brought back to Greyhawk a few weeks later, and resides there now.

Vexen did have a story to share with the Heroes about his absence, however. When he was teleported by Grey, he appeared in a cold, unfamiliar place, but was greeted by an angelic figure. He could not identify this figure, but was nonetheless entranced by her, and started to follow her. He did not know where or how far she led him, but when she did finally leave him, she took the Pendant with her, and removed the curse it brought him. Nothing more is known of this event.


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