Vex Tolgi

Defender of justice, dedicated to avenging his fathers death


Status: Alive, Kingdom of the Dead


Vex Tolgi is the son of Raiga and Leiara Tolgi. Before Vex’s conception, Raiga had visited Greyhawk on military leave. Upon meeting a young elven maiden, Leiara, coming to Greyhawk from her village for supplies, he is smitten with love, and immediately quits military service to join Leiara in her village. They soon marry and have their first and only son, Vex.

Vex lived his childhood in the village of insert name here, and became close friends with a girl named Mara. The two met at a very young age, and have known each other since. During their later years, there was some romantic tension between the two, although neither made the move to start any kind of relationship. This was perhaps due to Vex’s somewhat withdrawn nature as a child due to his father’s disappearance. When Vex was a young boy, Raiga had gotten word of a destructive mage wreaking havoc around the Mordain Mountains. He decided to reassemble his old adventuring team from when he was young to go and launch an assault on the mage’s stronghold atop the Mountains. Raiga left on his journey. Days passed, then weeks, then months. Finally, an entire year was gone, and no word of Raiga had returned. Fellow villagers pronounced him dead, but Vex privately believed he was still alive and had been captured, or sent to a land far, far away, and was waiting for his son to come and find him. The years went on for Vex. He became a member of the village’s Church of Obad-Hai. One day, soon after Vex had reached adulthood, a goblin tribe launched a full out attack on his village. They slaughtered villagers and burned houses left and right. Vex, after a failed attempt at finding his mother in the chaos, escaped with barely his own life, and promptly fled to Greyhawk for safety.

Vex Tolgi

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