The reanimated corpse of the great Pharoah Ptolemy


Status: Destroyed


Pharoh Ptolemy lived long before the current time, back when he was a general in Alexander the Great’s army. After Alexander’s conquest, Ptolemy settled down in Alexandria, Egypt, a great and prosperous city named after his great king. Ptolemy was named Pharoh by the Egyptions there. At this time, shortly after Alexander’s death, Ptolemy inherited the Crown of Aateris from Alexander himself. When Ptolemy’s death also came, it was sealed with him inside his tomb inside a pyramid erected in the center of Alexandria.

Very recently, the Heroes, followed by a vampirized Lukas, infiltrated this pyramid in search of the Crown. When they unsealed the tomb, they found that the corrupting Crown had reanimated Ptolemy, and forced him to form an alliance with a beast of darkness, the Nightwalker. Although this reanimated Ptolemy didn’t have initial ill will toward the Heroes, the Crown forced him and his Nightwalker to attack. The Heroes narrowly escaped the Pyramid, but unsealing the tomb had unleashed unspeakable horror on the city of Alexandria. Demons spilled out of the pyramid, all controlled by Ptolemy and the Nightwalker. At this time, Soren’s own demon was let loose, and it compelled him too escape with Lukas.

The remaining Heroes regrouped, and planned a siege on the newly-taken-over city. After fighting through hordes of demons, they met Ptolemy high atop a flat building, and defeated in a furious battle. A strange force caused his body to become incinerated, but the Crown remained.


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