The demon-conscience that lurks deep within Soren's mind, feeding off of his darkest thoughts


Status: Alive, Soren’s other conscience

Lv. 10 Assassin


Kelethin has been inside Soren’s mind for apparently all of Soren’s life. It is unknown who or what caused this strange being to share Soren’s mind, but Kelethin bears a striking resemblence to the demon-consciences that Aateris had created and experimented with long ago. He feeds off of Soren’s hatred and dark thoughts.

Before the events at Alexandria, the undiscovered Kelethin demonstrated his limited influence over Soren’s will by giving him a developing violent disposition. After escaping a pyramid with the Heroes, however, Kelethin was able to compel Soren to run away with the vampirized Lukas and do his evil bidding. Kelethin helped Lukas slaughter a small village’s population to have them rise as Lukas’s evil spawn. They then assaulted a demon-infested Alexandria, searching for the Crown of Aateris, only to meet the rest of the Heroes in battle. Kelethin got to the Crown first, and was able to use it to increase his power. The fight that followed between Soren and his would-be companions resulted in the death of Kutzal, and serious injuries for the rest, but Soren/Kelethin was defeated by a final blow from Damian.

At this point, Soren awakened inside a mental manifestation of his own mind, and he fought his inner demon Kelethin, coming close to losing both the duel and his own body and will, but was able to tip the battle back to his favor and defeat Kelethin. From that point, Kelethin was no longer able to push his will over Soren’s, and sat in brooding silence in the reaches of Soren’s mind, which now serves as his prison and home. Soren is able to return to this place in his mind and converse with Kelethin, but at first, these encounters were anything but warmly met. Nevertheless, Soren is able to use Kelethin’s power for his own, using the dark and hidden powers of shadow to his advantage. When his anger starts to consume him, though, the right half of Soren’s body starts to take the form of Kelethin’s, although only aesthetically.

When Soren was locked away in the Ministry of Mercy, Kelethin was the only person he was able to communicate with, his “brother in chains” as Kelethin called it. They had no choice but to overcome their differences, and kept each other alert and sane. Kelethin also revealed that all of this hostility is not his own doing, but that of Aateris. Aateris compells Kelethin to do many of the evil things he does, whether Kelethin agrees or not.

Eventually, Soren and Kelethin make a plan. Since Soren was without a spellbook and had no available spells to fight with, they had to let Kelethin’s powers take over and handle combat with the Death Officers that inhabited the Ministry. So for the first time, Soren willingly gave up his power over his body, and Kelethin took control. Craftily breaking out of his cell, Kelethin made quick work of the nearby guards. After several skirmishes through the halls of the Ministry, he came face to face with the Death Officer Gemini. Using Aateris’s power, Gemini was able to painfully banish Kelethin back into Soren’s mind, and Soren was left to the mercy of the Death Officers once more.


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