Falium Seiri


Lvl. 11 Human
(Lvl 5 rouge Lvl 6 FATE agent)
HP: 48
AC: 20
Str: 12 Dex: 15 Con: 21
Int: 24 Wis: 10 Cha: 8


Falium Seiri was born in another time. About 3568 years in the future to be exact. He was only a small child of four when his father was condemned for not sharing his scientific discovery with the world. One night a group of Spec Op. assassins came to kill Falium’s family and take the “special machine” for their military leaders. Unrevealed to these assassins, the “special machine” was a time machine, prepared and perfected to reach anywhere in time. Falium’s father quickly gathered his children (Falium and his sister) and his wife to escape these assassins. He set the portal to the time period of the middle ages and walked his family through the portal together. The assassins arrived too late, but there was enough time for their leader (the strongest of them) to follow. Falium and his sister held each other tight, and when they broke the time barrier of the middle ages he was separated from her while falling through the sky. He landed in the small town of Nurik and was raised by the blacksmith Korgan Seiri till he was about 15 years of age. He left the village at this age in search of his sister and followed the rumors of their time break 15 years ago. He finally found the village of his sister’s childhood but he was too late. The Spec Op. assassin had followed them all the way through and used the 11 years in this time period to gain immense power. Now and evil king, he set his sights on finding Falium’s father to send him back to his own time. This evil king found Falium’s sister and took her for his own. When Falium found his Kingdom he was too weak and too inexperienced to get his sister and he vowed on everything he had in his life he would find his sister.

Falium Seiri

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