Damian was born an only child in Dublin Ireland. Damian was always curious of his fathers work at a young age and watched him practice the ways of magic. However, Whenever Damian’s father caught him spying, he would punish him severely. His father regarded his experiments with magic very secret and would trust no one. Every male from his family was given the name of an alleged Demon for reasons unknown to Damian. One day his father disappeared. Although, his fathers absence’s were frequent and lengthy. he had never left Damian with no way to provide for himself. After 9 months he decided his father was dead and left his residence. his father had left for longer periods of time. But a growing feeling in the pit of Damian’s stomach beckoned him to leave. killing to feed his belly never troubled him. It did not matter what he killed. he had learned the way of the sword from his father at an early age in order to feed and defend himself. No one in Dublin ever knew of Damian’s existence until after his father’s disappearance. No one even knew who his mother was. A wealthy man from his town felt sorry for him and gave him a job, but dismissed him because he had never seen a more terrifying boy. Terrifying in the sense that this boy seemed to lack emotion in its entirety. One night after his seventh birthday while sleeping in the forest, Damian suddenly awoke to the strange feeling that he was being watched. Something beckoned him into a cave, and when he approached he saw a magnificent silver dragon. The next few years of Damian’s life remain a mystery to everyone, including Damian himself. Damian remembers this part of his life, as well as a few fierce battles for his life.

Although Damian now fights alongside a few others; He still wonders why he does good deeds. He questions why killing comes so easy to him. And weather or not Damian is his real name since he does not recall anyone ever calling him by that name through his childhood. Damian is the name he chose for himself after his memory loss. The only two names that came to mind when he though about his name were Lucifer, and Damian.


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