Casper Volrich

The secret son of King Volrich, and proper heir to the throne of Greyhawk


Status: Alive, Greyhawk


Casper is the only son of the deceased King Volrich, and the next true heir to the throne of the kingdom of Greyhawk. In his early years, he lived in the castle, following the normal lifestyle of young nobility. Casper had a different opinion of this treatment, however, and grew tired of the constant guidance and stifling security that surrounded him day after day. After a confrontation with his father on the subject, he left the castle, and his father virtually disowned him, giving up on his heir. Volrich had no other children, but for years after the falling out, kept up the ruse that his son still lived inside the castle walls, even though he was never seen by the public eye.

After several years of living on his own, Casper took on the name of “Deja”, and decided to join the Greyhawk guard, partnering up with Rick Richards. Before long, the two had met Soren and Vex, and their fates entwined themselves with those of the Heroes. When a horrific siege came upon Greyhawk, Casper decided to expose his true identity to the Heroes, and now travels with them more closely than ever, waiting for his chance to discover his true purpose and retake control of his life.

Casper Volrich

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