• Aateris, Prince of Darkness

    Aateris, Prince of Darkness

    A descendant of the gods themselves. Seeks to rule over the world with his incredible powers of the darkness...
  • Alaius Hoole

    Alaius Hoole

    The traditional, gentle-but-firm father to Soren
  • Arrose


    With the appearance of a child, this sorceror has ruled over a small banished settlement in the Abyss for centuries
  • Aust


    One of the greatest heroes to ever walk the realm, Aust is an evil-hunting Paladin with a long history
  • Bantha


    Prince of the Thordros Kingdom
  • Blade


    A skilled fighter that succumbed to Aateris's dark will
  • Bregmun Woodial

    Bregmun Woodial

    The abnormally huge and big-brother-like childhood friend of Soren
  • Casper Volrich

    Casper Volrich

    The secret son of King Volrich, and proper heir to the throne of Greyhawk
  • Eclipse


    A twisted necromancer that has decided to walk the path of a Lich
  • Enrin


    Vex's partner in justice
  • Formerus


    A valiant leader of a small village of people in Egypt
  • Gemini


    High-ranking Death Officer in Pravus's secret army
  • Hunter


    An aptly named hunter for the Tiefling settlement in the Abyss
  • Imillus Dengus III

    Imillus Dengus III

    The king of Spain
  • Johnathan Gregory

    Johnathan Gregory

    One of the best, and only, Spooks in the land
  • Jonathan Grey

    Jonathan Grey

    An aged and seasoned, but retired sorceror who has recieved much descrimination from the public for his "blasphemic" puppet shows
  • Kalton


    A sinister gnoll bent on corrupting and seeking the power of the gods for himself
  • Kamos


    A master wizard and scholar with towering ambitions and a dark, misunderstood past
  • Kelethin


    The demon-conscience that lurks deep within Soren's mind, feeding off of his darkest thoughts
  • Kethra


    The firm leader of the gnoll tribe that has integrated with the city of Greyhawk
  • King Thordros

    King Thordros

    King of a small kingdom of Locathah, father to one of Soren's old childhood friends
  • King Volrich

    King Volrich

    The elderly and wise former ruler of Greyhawk
  • Leonardo the Sly

    Leonardo the Sly

    Powerful, but humorous, Master of Nightmares. The first of Aateris' generals.
  • Leong Fheng

    Leong Fheng

    A monk who has achieved perfection of the mind, body, and spirit
  • Letresia


    A paladin of Heironius, intent on protecting the innocent people of the world
  • Lukas Ottoman

    Lukas Ottoman

    A playful yet vicious vampire who regularly visits and torments the heroes
  • Maerima Hoole

    Maerima Hoole

    The kind, loving mother of Soren
  • Mara


    Status: Alive
  • Meat


    An 8-foot-tall mute Tiefling from the Abyss that only needs to talk with his oversized club
  • Nessima Trelawny

    Nessima Trelawny

    The young, headstrong, adolescent sister of Renina, and a childhood friend of Soren's
  • Nocturne


    A giant owl the serves as Soren's mount
  • Onii


    Resident of Japan and skilled swordsman
  • Ptolemy


    The reanimated corpse of the great Pharoah Ptolemy
  • Renina Trelawny

    Renina Trelawny

    An intelligent, strong-willed archer who was a childhood friend of Soren's
  • Rick Richards

    Rick Richards

    A noble, righteous warrior and patriotic member of the Greyhawk Guard
  • Rocoth


    A talented gnoll leader and warrior
  • Scratch


    A seasoned brawler that resides in the Temple of Erythnul
  • Sten


    Chief Military commander of Madrid, Spain
  • Strife ("X")

    Strife ("X")

    Mysterious figure with a crushing will that controls minds and is after the pieces of Ateris
  • Sylvia


    Young, ambitious mage of greyhawk.
  • The Raven King

    The Raven King

    Son of St. Cuthbert, this demi-god was cursed to exist in the form of a large raven by his father for his wrecklessness
  • Thomas Ward

    Thomas Ward

    Talented Spook-in-training, apprenticed to Johnathan Ward
  • Tib


    A malevolent demon-witch that takes on the guise of a child
  • Tick


    The first homonculus of Soren's make
  • Trouble


    The faithful and reliable hawk Familiar of Soren
  • Valerie


    A cunning archer, battle-hardened from surviving centuries in the Abyss
  • Verien Sericcio

    Verien Sericcio

    An immensly charming elven Mage, childhood friend of Soren's
  • Zeke


    A powerful wizard and leader of a famous trio of warriors that was malevolently destroyed by Aateris's dark influence
  • Zilanthos


    An elven ranger, brutally killed by Vexen