Heroes of Greyhawk

Madrid Adventure

OK our knowledge was that there was some weird things happening in Spain.

Day one: Arrived in the first town we saw in Spain. Meet with ambassador of the city. He told us about Irlov. Irlov is guy who does good things but does certain things if it will get him money. Kinda like a good mob. It was weird that the town got a letter alerting them of our arrival.

Day two: Went to see Irlov. Arrived, and gave our weapons and was blindfolded. Lead to room and talked to Irlov. He knew of our triumphs, and we asked about any activity. We were directed to tunnels to the east and north. We asked for 2 of his men. Falium went to scout it out but there was nothin but a cave.

Day three: Set off for the east cave. Went in, down the corridors, crossroads, took right one. Large four pillared room. Light it up and uh oh. 5 vampires. Took them down, Falium almost died. Other room had chest. (Chime of opening). Oh one of the men died too.

Day four: Went to north cave. Went to room doors shut behind us. Two vampires took em out no prob. Then a bird/scythe thing came out. Got him. Treasure in other room. Robe of useful items. Raw.

Day five: Came to town. Bar keep said “wow someone must want you dead”. Sooo Irlov was trying to kill us. We came back to his base. Killed the front guards. Went in base was confusing as shit. Took out a few guards in the labyrinth. Finally founds Irlov. As I stepped into the room Irlov put a wand to my throat and said that (Check with Andrew). He ran into a room to the right while giant thing was coming at us from the left. Immedietly told falium to follow Erloch while Amirus and I took care of Grom or something like that. He was a 12 foot minotaur with a big metal chain with a spiky ball at the end. He bashed me with it(shit load of damage). Amirus sneak attack? Flame strike reasonable damage. Amirus hide. Bashed me again(shit load of damage). Run away. Amirus trap Grom Amirus shot him, soo clos. Flame strike again almost there. Amirus was hit( Close to death).. Me hit again( 9 health left oh-no). Flame strike for the win. Heal heal heal. Back to Falium. Falium ran towards Erloch while transforming into werewolf. Grabed him by the neck. He was really scared. Pinned on ground. Interrogation from all.(larp)

“Why were you doing these things to us?” “Lukas said that you would come and that I had to show you to those places” “What do you know about Lukas?” “He contacted me with his underlings. He is planning on attacking Madrid, the night before the next full moon, at dusk”

Loot: Fricken wings. Connor got em.

Thoughts: I believe that Lukas knew we were comin and is planing something particular for us. because he knows us too well to think that we would be killed by some of his vamps.

so ya thats what happened any questions ask drew because when i wrote this it was 6 in the mornin.

Falium, Vex, and Amirus flew straight to Madrid after they attained the news of the attack. Upon arrival to Madrid, they were greeted by the king’s suspicious guards but they managed to persuade them to take them to their king. After basically being interrogated by everybody they saw they got to the king in his great hall.
(Vex) “Your highness we have reason to believe that there is going to be an attack on Madrid during the next full moon.”
(King something) “How can I know you’re telling the truth? I’ve had liars come and tell me things like this before.”
(V) “Just ask your mages”
(K) “There’s ways around that”
Somehow we got to talk to the king alone and convinced him to trust us and put together an army for the night of the full moon.
(K) “For your sake I hope you’re telling the truth.”
(V) “Well, for your sake I hope I’m not.”
During the week before the attack Falium was walking on the street and saw some fighters practicing with some double edged weapons. Falium fell in love and purchased one with a couple of enchantments (for more details ask Connor). Vex went and introduced himself to Madrid’s eagle riders. Vex didn’t really get them to join his group, the Sky Riders. Amirous was slithering around on the ground and practicing his new magic trick. (hint: it has something to do with a cup).
It was the day of the attack. Falium was sitting in wait with the recon team while Vex was waiting with the eagle riders. The Kings men were posted half on the north wall and the other half was split between the east and the west. Day turned to night, night turned to midnight, and midnight turned to dawn. The gang was now concerned that they have been tricked. Slowly the kings men retreated to their homes and went to sleep.
Realizing they have made a mistake Falium decided to stay with the recon team while Vex went to talk to the king. Upon arriving he could tell the king was not happy hence the 6 guards surrounding him.
(V) “ Sorry”
(K) “ something, something, something, you’ll pay for this. Go straight to jail, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars”
(V) “ Sorry no can do”
The kings men surrounded Vex and Vex said something awesome to the king before the king ran away. Now, Vex didn’t know what to do. Go to jail and risk the Madrid being attack while he was captured or fight these guards and become even more hated. He chose to fight. Vex managed to get away with only killing one guard while taking some damage himself. He casted obscuring mist and went after the king. Then Vex, realizing this was a lost cause decided to jump out a window and land on Enrin to fly away, but soooooomehow Vex forgot that he was on the first floor and proceeded to jump out the window and land flat on his face.
Vex, Falium, and Amuris knew that they were just being play by Lucas because that’s just the kinda guy he is. They knew that the vampire army was probably just going to wait until Madrid had their guard down, so they knew they had to act fast. They decided to go to a neighboring village and try to get more info about the vampires if they could.
The gang arrived at the village and went to the local tavern. Vex sat at the bar and chatted with the bar keep about the vampires.
(Barkeep) “Well there haven’t been any real big vampire attacks lately.”
Falium sat down with some vampire hunters
(Hunters) “They have been acting weird lately; their attacks have been more organized than usual.”
Amuris can into the bar and immediately went into the shadows and started crawling of the floor. He decided that it made more sense to pretend he was a snake and started slithering around the bar. While Vex was talking to the bartender Amuris popped up behind the keep and was about to kill him for some reason. The bartender realized someone was behind him and turned around. At this point Amuris decided to show off his new magic trick and jumped into the cup the bartender was cleaning. Yup he just jumped right in. The bartender turn back around and was about to spit into his cup to keep cleaning and a fist popped out and punched him in the face. Amuris then slithered out of the cup and left the bar.
They decided to go out in the woods at night hoping that they would be attack by vampires so they could figure some stuff out from them, and just like that they were ambushed. Two vampires jumped out in front of them and two behind them. Vex bashed away while Falium kicked ass with his new weapon, and Amuris jumped in a tree. Vex hit the first vampire and basically broke his legs, but that vampire proceeded to drag his body up the tree Amuris was on. Amuris jumped down while doing a front flip and shooting the vampire on the tree. Falium killed two and Vex killed the other.
Following the mist of the vampires the group was surprised to see that they were being led back to the village. Vex was super surprised when he followed his mist it’s coffin and saw the face of the bartender. Now, realizing that this whole village must be infested with vampires they contacted the vampire hunters and the local guard to get rid of the rest of the vampires. The hole town was scared to find out that there was about 200 coffins found. The task force then burned all the coffins during the day so all the vampires had to just sit there and die.
The group took a couple of the guards and started flying back to Madrid, to try to convince him that there was a problem here. As they were flying to Madrid they saw a huge smoke cloud coming up from it. When they actually got there Madrid was burning to the ground. Angry at themselves for leaving Madrid in the first place they went to the palace to help the king. They dropped the guards off so they could help the town’s people. Upon arrival to the great hall they saw that the king and queen have been hanged and because this guy was a douche bag to the group they looted his body. He got what he deserved for basically sentencing his whole town to death.
The gang was encounter by a couple vampires that they disposed of quickly. Then, as they were heading deeper into the building (queue epic music) they saw Evelyn.
Basically the conversation went like.
(Evelyn) “Where is the (something, like a crown or a shoe or something like that), give it to me.”
(V) “We don’t know what you’re talking about.”
(E) “Don’t lie to me, I know it’s here it has to be here our he won’t take me back. He said I wasn’t good enough anymore, that I was losing it, but I’ll show him I’m a good girl. Now give me the (thingy).
(V) “I said we don’t have it”
(E) “Then I’ll just have to take it from you”
And the battle was on. Falium engaged her melee wise while Amuris shot arrows. Vex casted Flame strike for a good amount of damage. She then smashed Falium with her spiked chain. Vex summoned a celestial bear. She created a Flame wall trapping her and Falium inside. Vex was scared to do it but he knew he had no choice. He cast Blade Barrier inside the wall. Evelyn took the full force of the blow while Falium managed to jump out but he was on the brink of death when he came out the other side and landed limp on the ground. Then Evelyn knowing she was about to die, she jumped through here own Flame wall chain flailing, but as she came through her body turned to mist and spilled out on the floor. Vex quickly used Heal on Falium and he was all better.
They then started follow her mist hopefully to find out where Lucas was, but as they were heading out of the town a person flying on a wyvern flew in and landed on a building near them.
(Mystery lady) “Soren Hoole!”
(V) “Sorry he’s not here at the moment”
(M) “Well tell him (Mystery lady) is coming for him.”
She left and the gang continued to follow the mist. Soon the sun came up and she died.
For more info ask ANDREW LAKE or Cutter Waller.


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